Hop House 13 presents “Dublin Born & Brewed” from the brewers of Guinness for the lovers of lager, Hop House 13 is a can full to the brim with Dublin character. We started brewing for friends, and that hasn’t changed.

So it’s fitting that for St Patrick’s Day, we bring together three Dublin pals to cook up a special tribute to the city’s famous hospitality scene. From a tribute to the humble ‘chipper’ to a fresh twist on a fast-food favourite, get ready to savour the delights of Dublin night out – even if we’re all staying in this year.

The welcoming streets of the city may be quiet on St Patrick’s Day, but when there’s a Hop House 13 in your hand and good food on your plate, there’s Dublin in your heart.

Enjoy Hop House 13 responsibly, visit drinkaware.co.uk

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